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Kagezi Seed Company Limited is a Zambia Agricultural Company contributing to value chain development in the agriculture seed industry. Our seeds have burgeoned the lives of farmers. Farmers put their faith on quality products, and we are well positioned to deliver seed that have high yield and are drought tolerant produced in a green and sustainable way.

Kagezi Seed Company is set to provide a diverse array of improved high-quality, climate resilient seeds of neglected but economically important crops. The company is contributing to agricultural productivity and production at the national level among subsistent and commercial farmers.

The trust of farmers has inspired Kagezi to adopt latest and best technologies for delivering better yields. Our continuous engagement with farmers helps us to understand their current and upcoming needs. Our team with advanced genetic breeding technologies create seeds of required attribute along with in-built biotic and abiotic stress resistance that suit varying agro climatic conditions.


“Everything we do, we do with quality”

We work with out-grower cooperatives across the country to cater the demand of Zambian farmers to address the nutritional needs of the growing population.

Challenges of tomorrow

Our past, present and future



To grow, nurture and conserve agricultural biodiversity whilst providing seeds to farmers and the wider community.



contribute to farmer upliftment, by ensuring appropriate return on investments. We concentrate on climate resilient indigenous under-utilized crops.

Develop a professional team of the highest integrity supported by skilled and motivated human resources.


Search and develop profitable growth opportunities within our core business while keeping tight control on cost.


Maintain and promote prevailing environmental standards in all aspects of development, production and processing.

Meet our experts
Marina Kamanzi
Managing Director
What you need to know
We are working on producing number of crop variety that have been proven to be climate resilient.
Our focus is to mitigate the impact of climate change on farming and reduce femine, that is why we invest in climate resilient crops.
We are currently working with Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) who are experts in agri research in crops and seeds.
We are currently working with various agro shops to stock our products countrywide. Keep glued to our social media for announcement..
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Focus On Quality


The focus on quality is an essential element of each department and a cornerstone of the company mission. Kagezi Seeds help farmers to sow the finest seeds and reap bountiful harvests. We believe that quantity with top quality service to our valuable customers would result in more enduring and gainful relationship than any momentary success. Therefore, a regimental approach to a result oriented quality control system is implemented at all stages.

Market Knowledge

Kagezi Seed Company holds strong ties with its territory of operations. Strengthened by the experience gained in the domestic market, the Company aims for growth in the international markets.

Studying production and market dynamics and verification of the products accurately before release guarantees to each market suitable offer to the many and diverse situation of production.