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Kagezi Seeds Partners with USAID and CIMMYT on a VACS Activity

Kagezi Seeds Partners with USAID and CIMMYT on a VACS Activity

We are delighted to announce our partnership with USAID and CIMMYT, ZARI and UNZA on the ground-breaking Feed the Future VACS Activity. As climate change intensifies, threatening agricultural productivity and food security, our collaboration seeks to establish a resilient seed system value chain for cowpeas and pigeon peas among Zambian smallholder farmers.

Under this initiative, Kagezi Seeds will spearhead the dissemination and cultivation of three high-yielding, drought-tolerant cowpea varieties: Mthilizi, Lukusuzi, and Lunkhwankwa. These scientifically developed varieties, rigorously tested in diverse field conditions, offer farmers a lifeline against the escalating challenges of erratic rainfall and soaring temperatures. Additionally, we will focus on two climate-smart pigeon pea varieties, MPPV3 and MPPV4, known for their nutritional value and soil-enhancing properties.

Crucially, the Feed the Future VACS Activity prioritizes gender equity, with a dedicated focus on empowering women farmers in rural Zambia. We firmly believe that sustainable agricultural development can only be achieved through inclusive practices that uplift marginalized communities.

We are honoured to contribute to a solution that addresses both the immediate and long-term challenges faced by Zambian farmers. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to fostering a more resilient and equitable agricultural landscape, ensuring that the promise of a bountiful harvest is not extinguished by the harsh realities of climate change.